The Ladies


Lady #123 • Last stitch: 23-10-2017
    Elige noticia:

Amadea was born to go to a contest,
III DOLL PRAGUE INTERNATIONAL`s best doll cathegory`s theme was "My Praguers understand me. W.A. Mozart."

I decided to make a female Mozart, Amadea, as a humble tribute to all the women composers and musicians that didn`t have the chance to develop their careers, just because of their gender and the society conventions.
How many synphonies have we lost?

I took me quite a while to "compose" this lady, I didn`t want her to be too obviously femenine, I didn`t want the cliche of that era, she wore may diferent wigs until I got to that hairdress!

Finally Amadea arrived just on time to Praga, and...
¡She won the third place!

·white linen
·small headpin
·embroidered chinese silk
·vanilla silk chiffon
·blue wild silk
·wool felt
·thread and foam

22 cm tall, 10 cm diámeter.


You can see a bit of her Prague visit, and Doll Prague Exhibition in the blog.