The Ladies

Four Queens

Lady #132 • Last stitch: 28-10-2018
    Elige noticia:

Four Queens was made specifically to attend to the contest of Doll Prague 2018.
She won the first place.

The theme given was "Charles IV", so I decided to give some visibility to the four queens that shared kingdom with him, Blanche of Valois, Anna of Bavaria, Anna von Schweidnitz and Elizabeth of Pomerania.

I created one queen representing not only the four of them, but also opening a question about what was it like to be a queen, a suposedly important figure, but so easily replaceable, and usually taken away from home at a very young age.



Body: linen, thread, foam
Dress: ivory silk with golden threads
Cape: tapestry fabric
Veil: silk gauze
Belt: silk trimming
Crowns: 3D printing PLA
Base: Cardboard, sateen like tapestry, stuffing

Sewing, stuffing, tapestry
Crowns designed and 3D printed by Martin Txo!? Etxauri specifically for this piece.