Plush Ladies

Each of these textile women has a unique identity.
Their appearance and clothing reveal us something about who they are.
And their expression, something about who we are.

Their skin is made of naturally elegant and delightful linen:
a fibre which is strong, flexible and very hard-wearing, with an irregular appearance and weave.
Their inside is made of foam;
a spirit in movement, forever changing shape,
which says something different to different people.
heir face is a white canvas on which a subtle expression can be discerned
which invites us to draw in the features from our own imagination.



"These tiny textile women give me the chance to express my emotions, my aesthetic view. Through them I wear clothes that I could barely afford or wear on these days, I explore all the different characters that complete the complex persons that we are; with them, I can also talk about self-confidence, solitude, fantasy, style, motherhood, magic, or whatever I feel concerned about."


At the time, there are 1 3 9 of these little creatures living in the world.









 On 2018 Four Queens won the first place at Doll Prague contest.

"Great symbolism.
Tender and simple silhouet.
Great stylization and colours.
Simple work with minimum detail but
lots of room for imagination.
This work has a strong emotional influence."





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Sewing creations and unveiling mysteries.

An idea, an object, a texture; any of these can provide the spark for the creation of a Lady. Then Beruta begins the complex and painstaking process which is completed when doll and creator meet as the last thread is tied.

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