Berta Osés Suárez. October 1975, Pamplona. Textile artist and photographer.

She’s a small woman who loves wasabi, fancy-dress parties, and who’s equally happy watching All about Eve, Blue in the face or The Life of Brian.

And she loves cloth. To feel its touch, its embrace and its warmth is, for her, a direct connection to the world of emotions, full of sensations. As a small girl she used to fall asleep stroking her pillow-case and hugging her favourite teddy-bear who has remained her confidant ever since. How often has he watched while she got herself ready in front of the mirror or redid a pair of trousers with safety pins or cut the neck of a t-shirt just before going out for the night.


In 1998 she qualified as a sound and lighting technician and worked for a number of of years in film and the theatre. She didn’t feel at home in the industry however and decided to leave. In subsequent years she was in and out of a number of different jobs which helped her find out what she didn’t want to do and played a part in discovering and defining the path towards what she did want to do. Beruta was born in 2007; it’s a permanently evolving life-project which Berta has chosen as a sustainable way of making a living while following her principles and motivations and giving free rein to her creativity.


(Text: Saioa Esparza / English version: Richard Weyndling)




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One piece, one person


The work produced by Beruta is a hymn to individuality.The items are unique and a possible history can be read into each one; each suggests a starting point and invites the person who receives it to connect to it, to feel and to interpret its own meaning.

The textile element, clothing and images are her main tools of expression. Through playing with them she explores the beauty of the imperfect and the random, her own emotional world, or concepts like individuality, the dialogue between intimacy and social life, and the search for one’s own space.

In her work she follows her own instinct

Her choice of materials is based on an idea or a feeling, and then she allows herself be led along by the creative process and by the qualities of the elements involved: the variations in the weave of the cloth, the colour patterns, the effects of chance…Bit by bit, stitch by stitch, she creates and brings to life what she glimpsed at the start. A small detail can change everything for her; can provide the meaning she was looking for, without yet knowing it,and make complete the piece she is working on. As might occur in an episode with her beloved Poirot.



She works at her own studio in Pamplona (Spain),
where she also receive clients by appointment.

She sells via the online shop.


If you are interested to set an appointment or to sell her product in your shop/gallery, just get in touch through one of this ways:

· On the contact form
· Send a mail to berta@beruta.net
· Call/Telegram/WhatsApp (+34) 609 440 003