Who designs at Beruta?
All are my own designs, Berta Osés Suárez aka Beruta.

Who produces them and where?
I made each of the pieces myself in my workshop in Pamplona (Spain).

Do you have a mortar store?
Currently not.

Is there any way to see the products live?
Yes, you can request an appointment and I will receive you in my workshop.

What do you mean by "one of a kind piece"?
I make just one unit per each design.

I want to make a special gift and I have an idea, do you accept custom orders?
If the project fits me, I really like to work on request.
I am always open to listen to proposals.

I have a concept store-gallery, can I distribute your pieces?
It will be a pleasure. Get in touch with me and we`ll talk.


Do you make international shipments?
Just keep in mind that the possible customs taxes of your country are covered by the customer.

If I'm in Pamplona, ​​can I pick up the order somewhere?
Yes. Mark "pick up in-store" in the cart, and I'll get in touch with you.

If it does not convince me, can I return the product?

In the ten years that I have been in this trade, I have never had any return.
In addition to the high quality and careful shipping, I try to photograph and explain everything so their qualities are well perceived. 
I believe in the thoughtful purchases, so feel free to contact me with any doubt you might have before buying the product. I`ll be happy to help or guide you in any way to ensure you`ll be a hundred per cent satisfied.
Anyway, if you receive it and it does not convince you, you can return it by notifying me the return within 48 hours after receiving the package. The costs of return shipping are your responsibility. If the product is in perfect condition and in its original packaging, I will proceed to refund the amount of the item (minus customs if it the case).


Why are there no Ladies on sale?
The Ladies are available in the online store for specific periods of time.
They appear, they stay a month, and they disappear.
If they have not been sold or are not taking part in any exhibition,
they may be available again at another time.

So, how can I access to the ones you have available?
You can request the digital catalogue.
And we can also make an appointment.

Do you do Ladies on request?
Yes, actually I enjoy very much creating specific Ladies.
If you have an idea, contact me and we'll talk.

What price are the Ladies?
Each one has very different levels of complexity, so it is very variable,
but it would be around 1000-3000 €

How much time does it take you to make a Lady?
It can not be measured the time, how much time needs a painter to make a painting? It depends.

Do they need any special care?
You just have to be careful with dust, you have to remove it gently from time to time so it does not accumulate, just by making this they will be perfect. But, if you want to give them extra protection you can display them inside a glass dome or a cristal showcase.

Can I see anywhere the ones you've done so far?
Yes, on the web you have many of them: in the gallery, in the photography section, the exhibition section, and of course they often appear on my social networks (blog, Instagram).


What sustainability policy do you have?
I buy in small quantities and I try to optimize the material to the maximum.
My first purchase option is always a small local business.
I do not use glues, everything is fixed by n sewing.eedle and thread.
In case the piece needs an extra fixation, I use a small amount of white glue.
I buy only two products of animal origin:
pure wool felt for The Ladies' hair and silk fabric for different projects.
Sometimes I use feathers or leather, but only if that material has come to me in an "accidental" way, I do not buy any of these materials from the industry.
The packaging of Beruta is made of paper or cardboard, and only the photographs are protected by a plastic bag. In all cases, I follow the policy to acquire small quantities, so there is hardly any surplus.